5 Key Tips to Help Clients Manage a Website Project

An experienced website agency will provide a project plan and manage it well–ensuring that your project is completed on time and on budget. On the client side, though, proper project management is also vital to a project’s success.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  1. Choose one point person and a “web team” of no more than four or five people who understand the goals of the project. Be sure that everyone on your web team understands why you’re doing a website design/redesign, and what you need to achieve with it.
  2. Provide timely replies to feedback and content requests. Project timelines are determined by–and depend on–the delivery of timely and concise feedback, direction, and assets. Reply to requests as soon as possible, and let your web team know where more time will be needed.
  3. Provide consolidated, direct, actionable feedback. Aggregate feedback from multiple reviewers through your point person. Have that person sort through conflicting directions, clarify points, and then send the consistent and agreed-upon requests to the web team. Note where advice from the web team is needed to determine the best direction. Try to sort out subjective feedback–consider your user’s needs and UX direction from your web team, rather than being guided by personal preferences.
  4. Communicate regularly with your internal team and stakeholders. Provide regular updates regarding the timeline, project progress, and next steps. Make sure the team is aware of items that will be requested of them and at which times. Collect any concerns and communicate them to your web team so they can be addressed.
  5. Remember to enjoy the process. Website projects can be emotional, but they should also be exciting and fun. A good web team will take on the heavy lifting; plan properly; and achieve your website in ways that minimize your stress and maximize your enjoyment. You probably won’t go through this again anytime soon, so make the most of your partnership and enjoy the web magic you’re creating together. Go Team!