5 Ways You Can Use Your Website as the Ultimate Marketing & PR Tool

The best PR tool

Everyone needs a good PR tool. And as checking out a company’s website is one of the first things people do to learn more or request a service, you have the answer right in front of you.

One of the most overlooked opportunities is all the secondary information that is communicated. Your website plays an integral role as a marketing and public relations tool. It matters when it is attractive, well designed, intuitive, and engaging. These elements play a vital role in how trustworthy your website appears.

When you are intentional about the design elements, your website can be a magnet.

5 key ways your website can be the ultimate marketing and PR tool:

  1. Increase your visibility – Great PR means seeking out consistent visibility that communicates the key message you want to share. When you provide relevant and timely information, audiences will see your company as a valuable resource. Regular updates in web content are also SEO-friendly, pushing your website higher in search engines’ visibility. And when you’re in sync with your intended audience, you can use authentic language to create intimacy with your visitors. You make them feel right at home, which increases the chances that they’ll share it with others.
  2. Expand your audience – If your website has a great look-and-feel and provides valuable content, it will expand your company’s audience. You’ll also craft a brand that will become recognized as an authority.
  3. Provide shareable content – Getting visitors to click around is excellent. But getting visitors to share your content with others is even better. It’s a super-smart marketing and PR strategy.  It provides a range of content such as videos, images, factoids, and interactive tools. These can make your visitors superfans.
  4. Provide visual storytelling – Some of the most influential and engaging websites rely very little on text to communicate. Instead, they use bold, fascinating photos, graphics, and images for their brand story.
  5. Provide important data – One of the most essential elements of a website is data or analytics about its visitors. It’s important for businesses to gather key usage statistics. Conversion rates, bounce rates, downloads, and most visited areas are vital. Having this improves your understanding of your customers and helps refine how you market to them.

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