Alabama State Treasury Launches Redesigned Website

Andrea Ferguson

Andrea Ferguson

President at AndiSites Inc.
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Andrea Ferguson

Congratulations to the Alabama State Treasury on the launch of their new AndiSites-designed-and-built website!

Alabama’s Office of the State Treasurer teamed up with AndiSites for a total redesign and redevelopment of their website. The old site wasn’t visually appealing and was definitely showing its age. But more importantly it wasn’t easy or intuitive for users or site administrators. It needed a new look-and-feel, and it needed to be reorganized so that users could find what they were looking for quickly and easily. It needed to be mobile-friendly so that users could interact with the site well on mobile phones and devices. And of course it needed to be easy for staff to administer so that information could be kept up-to-date.


Government websites can be so boring, although the actual people they represent and help usually aren’t. In this case, we spent some time with the Treasurer of Alabama and his staff (Go Biscuits!) and found friendly, interesting, artistic folks who truly care about helping the people of Alabama. On a walk around Montgomery, we found plenty of references to the government housed there, including a beautiful tile mosaic mural of the capitol building (where the Treasury offices are located). There was a lot to like about this public art piece–it represented the government and the people, it was organized and structural, and it was lovely to look at. We presented it to our clients (along with some other options), and they agreed that it would make a great central image for their new website. The tiles informed the tiled layout of the homepage (also effective for mobile), and the mosaic informed the inside banner images (actual photos we took onsite, artistically treated in Photoshop).

Through striking imagery, vibrant color, contemporary typography, and plenty of whitespace, the new website showcases their important content smply and beautifully. Visual cues including larger font sizes, big squared-off buttons, and consistent link colors help users navigate the site easily, drastically reducing confusion and drop-off.


AndiSites replaced their old Ektron Content Management System with easy-to-use WordPress, created site pages and  navigation, and migrated all content from the old site to the new. We made suggestions for editing and rewriting (including cutting entire sections of pages, and removing pages altogether) so that information was more understandable. Analytics and user stories helped us shape a navigational structure that would work for their particular audience and increase engagement. Separate sites were consolidated into the single central site, and externally hosted applications (that needed to remain externally hosted) were seamlessly integrated so that users weren’t forced to visit several different websites to accomplish tasks. And features like document libraries, interactive forms, and Unclaimed Property search gateways were incorporated to make the site simple and sophisticated.

Support & Maintenance

AndiSites made sure that launch went smoothly by collaborating with IT resources and hosting services. We trained our clients thoroughly on the WordPress system so that they’re comfortable administering the site themselves. Then we remain available to our clients for a generous post-launch period for bug fixes, tweaks, and training reminders. We’ll also continue to support and maintain their site over time so that they can sleep peacefully and devote their time to their important work–not worrying about whether their website is behaving properly.


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