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AndiSites Homepage - Website Redesign

You may have noticed that the AndiSites website recently got a makeover! Our goal for this redesign was to make it faster, cleaner, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. Read more to find out how we used our combined skills and expertise to make our website better and more effective–for us and for our users. 

How we Made the AndiSites Website Even Better

Here at AndiSites we pride ourselves on creating high-performing WordPress websites that are mobile-responsive, ADA accessible, focused on our clients’ goals, and friendly to users. Too often the cobbler has no shoes, so we were sure to use this same approach for our own website redesign. This started with us looking objectively at the AndiSites website and collecting feedback from unaffiliated external users.  


Accessibility was one of the main areas where we focused our attention. Claudia Rayno, our Director of UX and Accessibility says:

Some of the UX areas we addressed in our redesign include, enlarged text, simplified navigation, and an engaging design that takes users on a path through the site. All things that can make any website more user-friendly. Having larger text has several benefits, including making it easier for our users to read through our site on mobile phones.

These improvements also included – but were certainly not limited to – ensuring that text has a high contrast to its background, making Call-to-Action buttons easy to find and to use, and underlining all hyperlinks.

To find out how highly we value these issues, check out our blog post on how AndiSites Ensures Website Accessibility.


Clearer Navigation and Information

When anyone visits a site, they want to find the information they’re looking for, and quickly. 

With our website redesign we’ve ensured that as well as pages loading fast, users can easily navigate around the site and find the information that they need. 

Clean lines and a good site structure were at the core of what we wanted to achieve with the new look for the AndiSites website. And of course, everything looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

We also refreshed our blog pages, which offer a ton of resources, how-to’s, and advice.

Increasing Confidence and Trust

We understand that when you’re looking for a website designer, there are many companies to choose from. We want you to have complete confidence when you choose AndiSites as your website agency, so we included even more client quotes on our Testimonials page. With the majority of our work coming from referrals and recommendations, we want potential clients to be able to easily “hear” from others who’ve worked with us. 

And it’s not only our clients who recommend our services. We’re very proud of the multitude of national and international awards that we’ve won over the years, so we created a page so that potential clients can see them too.

Then, to showcase some of our favorite website designs, we reorganized and redesigned the Our Work portfolio section, displaying the wide range of clients that we’ve had the pleasure of working with (and still work with!). 

Helping You Get to Know Us

We stand by our motto “We listen. We’re different. You’ll see.” 100%. But how can we share with potential new clients WHY we’re different? 

We started with a new AndiSites team page that includes clickthroughs to individual bios for each of our team members. We’re well-rounded folks with wide-ranging interests and credentials, so we encourage site visitors to find out more about us!  

Then to personalize things further, we added a super cool animation on our AndiSites website home page. Yes, that’s actually US! You’ll also see that we use animations throughout our site to reflect our unique personality and keep things interesting. 

The AndiSites Team

And if you love fun effects that don’t slow down your site – check out the confetti cannon on the new Contact Us page! You’ll need to fill out the form first, of course… which is a great way to start applying our fresh eyes, expertise, and proven process to your own website redesign. Let’s work together! 🙂

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