Owner & President

Andrea Ferguson

Andrea (please, call her Andi) is President and Founder of AndiSites Inc. She has over 25 years’ experience in project management, 18 years’ experience in corporate communications, and 13 years’ experience in web design and development. Andi is equally adept at development and design, a combination that is economically efficient for clients and allows equal ease in communicating with all stakeholders.

Andi graduated cum laude from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Theatre. She has multiple post-graduate trainings and certificates, including financial analysis, website coding, hosting, analytics, accessibility, SEO, and project management.

Andi will serve as Sr. Project Manager and UX Lead for your project, taking personal responsibility to make sure that it is completed on time, on budget, and with a minimum of hassle. She’ll make sure that designs are implemented successfully and that they meet or exceed specifications. Andi will also be responsible for the successful integration of existing branding and other style requirements, and will oversee the development of the new website’s pages and templates to ensure that they meet all project goals and adhere to best practices in design, web standards, and accessibility. Andi is a UX expert who will ensure that your new website is easy to use and understand for a wide range of audiences and technological comfort levels.

Andi is a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, Mensa, and the Cherokee Nation.