Command Line: Save 15 Minutes or More on WordPress

Save 15 minutes or more on WordPress with the Command Line.

Do you want to speed up your work? Become more effective and productive? In this presentation, we share an introduction to the Bash Command Line and WP-CLI toinstall, administer, and even delete WordPress in seconds. Key notes from the presentation: Bash is a command processor that typically runs in a text window, where the user […]

Securing Your WordPress Login Page: You Can Never Be Too Safe

Do you know about securing your WordPress login page? Here’s what you need to know. Last week we helped thwart a hacker who was trying to gain access to a WordPress website using a “brute force attack”. In a brute force attack, the hacker systematically tries all kinds of commonly used passwords as quickly as possible. […]

DNS Records: Find me if you can!

What are DNS Records? DNS stands for “Domain Name System”. It relates IP addresses to their corresponding names, specifically, domain names. For example, when you enter, the DNS looks for the corresponding IP address for that particular domain name and returns the address. There are many DNS servers, and they attempt to keep their […]

A Fresh Approach to SEO

A Fresh Approach to SEO

Are you looking for a fresh approach to SEO? Continue reading to see what we think about Search Engine Optimization in the current times. Recently, I have been considering (again) the importance of SEO as a component of comprehensive digital media strategy. As long as there are search engines, we will struggle with the purpose […]

Custom Variables in Google Analytics

In this post we will learn what custom variables are, how they differ from custom metrics and dimensions, and the limitations of using them in Google Analytics.

In our last two posts, we learned:  to setup a Google Analytics account; add a tracking code to each page of our website; and setup valuable goals and track custom events and social events. In this post we will learn what custom variables are, how they differ from custom metrics and dimensions, and the limitations of […]

Tracking Events in Google Analytics

Tracking Events in Google Analytics

Based on our last post, “How to begin with Google Analytics”, you now have the power to install Google Analytics and track your users’ interactions with your website. You have the ability to set goals that clearly identify measurements for key performance indicators (KPI). So now let’s discuss how to track events. What are events? […]

How to Begin with Google Analytics

How to Begin with Google Analytics

If you’re looking to begin with Google Analytics and are just starting out, here’s everything that you need to know! What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a web analytics software that keeps track of the visiting patterns of web users and reports the findings. The reports include all sorts of useful information. This includes […]

The Battle Against the Hacks…

The Battle Against the Hacks...

Are you tired of the battle against the hacks? Here’s our thoughts on the latest situation with WordPress websites. If you are at all related to the web world, you will inevitably come in contact with WordPress. It’s the beautifully-designed, easy to use content management system that is our favorite here at AndiSites. According to […]