5 Principles of Visual Symphony in Website Design

5 Principles Of Visual Symphony In A Website Design

If you know AndiSites, you know that we focus on creating websites in partnership with our clients that are functional and emotionally engaging–selecting and combining elements that work together to create an overall story (or, in the case of this article, “song”) that welcomes the user and compels them to take your desired actions. Whether […]

Happy 15th Anniversary, AndiSites! :-)

Dear Friends and Clients, and Friends-and-Clients-To-Be, Here’s a message from me, Andi, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary: I fell in love with coding in the late 1970’s with the TRS-80 and Level I BASIC. Radio Shack was my hangout spot, and over the following years I made magical-to-me programs, like the one that rained […]

4 Quick DIY Wins to Improve Your Website’s SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long game that requires attention and patience. However, there are some things you can do yourself right now to improve your WordPress website’s chances of rising in search engine rankings. Here are 4 quick wins to improve your website’s SEO: 1. Install the Yoast Plugin We recommend the Yoast plugin […]

Use GA4’s Engagement Metrics to Make Website Users Stay Longer

Google Analytics’ recent switch from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 added some neat new data, including all things engagement. Here’s how you can use the new GA4 engagement metrics to find out how long users are keeping your web pages in focus–and how to keep them there longer. What Engagement Metrics Are Google Analytics GA4’s engagement metrics […]

Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate optimization – whether it’s sales, subscribing, or more – check out our top tips! What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? Anything that improves the conversion rate of your website, landing pages and blog whether offsite or onsite. Your conversion rate is the number of conversions on a […]

The AndiSites Website Redesign

AndiSites Homepage - Website Redesign

You may have noticed that the AndiSites website recently got a makeover! Our goal for this redesign was to make it faster, cleaner, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. Read more to find out how we used our combined skills and expertise to make our website better and more effective–for us and for our users.  How […]

Top Five Crucial Steps for WordPress Maintenance

Top Five Crucial Steps for WordPress Maintenance

If you want to know more about successful WordPress maintenance for your site, here’s our top five crucial steps that you don’t want to ignore! So. You’ve built your beautiful, engaging WordPress website and now you plan to sit back and coax to SEO bliss – or are you? When it comes to keeping your […]

How to Create Anchor Links (AKA “Jump Links”) in WordPress

How to Create Anchor Links in WordPress

Here’s our guide on how to create anchor links in WordPress – also known as jump links. So what are anchor links? Have you seen on a web page that sometimes you click a link, and rather than taking you to another page, it jumps to further down on the same page? That’s an “anchor […]

Do I Really Need to Care About GDPR? Maybe.

Do I Really Need to Care About GDPR?

Do you think that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) doesn’t apply to your organization? You might want to think again. Update on GDPR 2022 update: Read our new blog post for the latest information. The regulation could have implications you haven’t considered. And with related regulation being passed in California, it’s wise to take another look […]

Ode to The Sidebar

Ode to The Sidebar

Do you love or hate sidebars in website design? To find out what we think here at AndiSites, here’s our Ode to the Sidebar. The AndiSites Ode to the Sidebar Ah, the website sidebar. Holder of secondary navigation, Keeper of ad space, And container for random things That You don’t Know Where else to Put. […]

The Return of the Beautiful Web

Why is a beautiful web important? Does the “simple web” make us happy? Here’s our views on making the world a prettier place. Website Design Trends Design trends come and go, and the “utilitarian” look of websites has persisted for the past several years. Flat design brought large blocks of solid color instead of gradients […]

Creating Solutions Beyond the Obvious: Ideation

So what is ideation? Read on to find out more! As proud members of the Interaction Design Foundation, we love creating online user experiences that are easy, intuitive, and engaging. Solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, though, and creative thinking is an important part of the process. Website projects can be tricky. Budgets and timelines may be limited. Team […]

5 Ways to Build Trust With Your Website

Do you think that you build trust with your website? The Internet can be a daunting place to some people – especially when they’re planning to make a purchase.  Understandably, users worry that personal information they enter can be used against them; that their behavior is being tracked; and that the information they see and […]

Choosing WordPress Plugins: Like Being a Kid in a Candy Store

Choosing WordPress Plugins: Kid in a Candy Store

Do you have difficulty choosing WordPress plugins? If you find the whole experience overwhelming – like being a kid in a candy store – read on. What are Plugins? Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress and are a great way to add sophisticated features to your website. And all without the need for custom coding. […]

Reflecting Your Brand Values in Your Website Design

Reflecting Your Brand Values In Your Website Design

Defining your brand values is crucial to the success of your business. Knowing what your company stands for aligns and strengthens your team. Defining your personality (e.g., caring, family-friendly, professional, exclusive, etc.) is also an important part of humanizing you to your customers and clients; it lets them know what to expect when they work […]

How to Embed Video into a WordPress Page or Post

How to Embed Video into a WordPress Page or Post

If you want to know how to embed video into WordPress, here’s our tutorial! Why Use Video? If content is king, then video is a jewel in its crown. Embed video into a WordPress page or post to enhance your marketing strategy and increase engagement with your website users. Among other video marketing statistics, Insivia reports that: Including video […]

How to Write an SEO-Friendly Blog Post

How To Write An SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Want to write a SEO-Friendly blog post? Here’s our guide to making sure your posts impress Google and are relevant to your readers. There are no set solutions for successfully search engine optimizing your blog, and there is a large amount of complex information to make sense of. Emphasis is often placed on the quality of […]

We Like Big Buttons and We Cannot Lie

We Like Big Buttons and We Cannot Lie

A button is one of the easiest, most effective calls to action on a website. Bold and big buttons, prominently displayed and properly labeled, will help your users know at a glance where to click to get what they need. So how can you ensure that they convert visitors to customers? 6 Top Tips for Creating Successful […]

WordPress Security: How to Avoid Getting Hacked

WordPress Security: How to Avoid Getting Hacked

Are you up-to-date with your WordPress security? Here’s what you need to know: According to Sucuri‘s Website Hacked Trend Report, the “explosion and dominance of Content Management Systems has led to a large influx of unskilled webmasters and service providers responsible for the deployment and administrations of these sites.” As such, many DIY or low-cost WordPress websites […]