Page Broken after Switching to Elementor?

Page Broken after Switching to Elementor?

Have you ever been working on a page and accidentally switched it to Elementor Blocks, only to realize that your formatting and customizations were completely gone?

XML Sitemap vs Visual Sitemap: What’s the Difference?

Sitemap Image

Are you confused about the difference between an “XML sitemap” and a “visual sitemap”? Keep reading to discover the differences between these important website components.  XML Sitemap vs Visual Sitemap The two main types of sitemaps are: XML Sitemap – a list of the URLs on your website used by search engines, normally put in […]

8 Things AndiSites Does to Ensure Website Accessibility

What is Web Accessibility?

The principles of web accessibility are known by the acronym “POUR”: Perceivable   Operable   Understandable   Robust   Accessibility, as it applies to the web, can be best described by the definition of the word. The quality of being easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, use, or understand. How We Ensure Website Accessibility AndiSites works hard to […]