Carousel Best Practices

Follow our Carousel Best Practices for the most efficient use of home page space! Carousels (also known as sliders) are widely used on home pages. However, they can have adverse consequences on user experience and affect your website’s performance. To make your home page carousel effective, follow these best practices: Carousel Best Practices and Tips   […]

Clean Content Promotes Professionalism

What is meant by “clean content”? And how do you achieve it? Read on to find out more! Attention to Detail Attention to detail is always important when AndiSites builds or redesigns a website. At first glance, a website can be eye-catching, user-friendly, and professional, but the minute I catch a typo or grammatical error, I […]

Tips For Effective Navigation Design

Tips For Effective Navigation Design

Here’s our top tips for effective navigation design and why it is so important to both you and your website’s users. What is Navigation? Well, you could say that it’s the element of your website which allows your customers to find what they’re looking for, or you could say that it’s a way to lead […]