The Best Forms Plugins for Your WordPress Website

The Best Forms Plugins for Your WordPress Website

What are the best forms plugins? Keep reading to find my analysis on the current available options and how best to use them.

Below is the presentation I did last week at the Digital Marketing for Business 2015 conference in Raleigh, NC.  It’s a fantastic conference, and this year they had an all-WordPress track for WP lovers like me to share the good news about WordPress.

I’ve included notes on the slides so that you can get the information without having to hear me talk about it, but here are our thoughts about the best WordPress forms plugins in a nutshell:

  • No matter what forms plugin you use, keep safety and security in mind.
  • Contact Form 7 is free, popular, and fine for simple forms, but you need to know HTML if you’d like to make it pretty and at all powerful.
  • Formidable Free is our favorite for most forms, and the recently-released update includes form styling (previously only available at the Pro version). If I could draw a big heart over Formidable Free, I would.
  • Formidable Pro adds more field types and conditional logic (great feature that shows or hides fields based on which options a user chooses, eliminating the need the have a lot of different forms for different audiences).
  • Gravity Forms (premium only) is the most powerful of the bunch and the best if you need e-commerce, although it’s hard to style. Developers love it because it can be extended and integrated into all sorts of sophisticated applications.
  • Regardless of what we think, you should choose a forms plugin based on your specific needs, and try out the demos on their websites to see which one you most enjoy using.

Have questions about putting forms on your WordPress website?  Contact us — we’d love to help.

What are the best forms plugins?

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