Boosting SEO Like a Pro using Internal Links

Boosting SEO

One of the most important actions to take when you have a WordPress website is to drive qualified traffic to your content. Boosting SEO is easier than you might think!

By optimizing your website, you can significantly improve your chances of being ranked higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

One of the best ways to improve your SEO is to focus on internal links – which very simply means connecting related content or pages on the same website. 

Update: The Yoast Internal Linking Tool is a premium feature – but makes internal linking SO much easier! It’s also great for identifying Cornerstone Content.

Boosting SEO with internal linking

Here are some more key reasons why you should focus on internal linking:

Share the linking love

Internal linking helps to spread the value or importance of a link across several pages.

“Some pages are known because Google has already crawled them before. Other pages are discovered when Google follows a link from a known page to a new page.”


Emphasize the connections

Internal links help put focus on how your content connects. Web crawlers LOVE when there is a relationship between content. Conversely, crawlers struggle to find “orphaned content” on your site. These are pages or posts that are not linked to from anywhere else on your website.

Guide your visitors

Internal linking helps lead visitors through your pages. This keeps them on your site for longer, too, which helps build trust, can increase ad revenue, and improves the validity of your site with Google and other search engines.

To summarize, while internal linking is just one important strategy for boosting SEO, it’s an easy initial strategy to adopt as a best practice moving forward.


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