5 Principles of Visual Symphony in Website Design

5 Principles Of Visual Symphony In A Website Design

If you know AndiSites, you know that we focus on creating websites in partnership with our clients that are functional and emotionally engaging–selecting and combining elements that work together to create an overall story (or, in the case of this article, “song”) that welcomes the user and compels them to take your desired actions. Whether […]

Happy 15th Anniversary, AndiSites! :-)

Dear Friends and Clients, and Friends-and-Clients-To-Be, Here’s a message from me, Andi, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary: I fell in love with coding in the late 1970’s with the TRS-80 and Level I BASIC. Radio Shack was my hangout spot, and over the following years I made magical-to-me programs, like the one that rained […]

Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate optimization – whether it’s sales, subscribing, or more – check out our top tips! What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? Anything that improves the conversion rate of your website, landing pages and blog whether offsite or onsite. Your conversion rate is the number of conversions on a […]

The AndiSites Website Redesign

AndiSites Homepage - Website Redesign

You may have noticed that the AndiSites website recently got a makeover! Our goal for this redesign was to make it faster, cleaner, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. Read more to find out how we used our combined skills and expertise to make our website better and more effective–for us and for our users.  How […]

8 Things AndiSites Does to Ensure Website Accessibility

What is Web Accessibility?

The principles of web accessibility are known by the acronym “POUR”: Perceivable   Operable   Understandable   Robust   Accessibility, as it applies to the web, can be best described by the definition of the word. The quality of being easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, use, or understand. How We Ensure Website Accessibility AndiSites works hard to […]

Your Website: the Best PR Tool

Your Website is the Best PR Tool

The best PR tool is right on your doorstep! Checking out a company’s website is one of the first things people do to learn more. So how do you make it work for you? The Best PR Tool When someone wants to learn more or request a service from a company, most people will head […]

Ode to The Sidebar

Ode to The Sidebar

Do you love or hate sidebars in website design? To find out what we think here at AndiSites, here’s our Ode to the Sidebar. The AndiSites Ode to the Sidebar Ah, the website sidebar. Holder of secondary navigation, Keeper of ad space, And container for random things That You don’t Know Where else to Put. […]

The Return of the Beautiful Web

Why is a beautiful web important? Does the “simple web” make us happy? Here’s our views on making the world a prettier place. Website Design Trends Design trends come and go, and the “utilitarian” look of websites has persisted for the past several years. Flat design brought large blocks of solid color instead of gradients […]

Creating Solutions Beyond the Obvious: Ideation

So what is ideation? Read on to find out more! As proud members of the Interaction Design Foundation, we love creating online user experiences that are easy, intuitive, and engaging. Solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, though, and creative thinking is an important part of the process. Website projects can be tricky. Budgets and timelines may be limited. Team […]

5 Ways to Build Trust With Your Website

Do you think that you build trust with your website? The Internet can be a daunting place to some people – especially when they’re planning to make a purchase.  Understandably, users worry that personal information they enter can be used against them; that their behavior is being tracked; and that the information they see and […]

Reflecting Your Brand Values in Your Website Design

Reflecting Your Brand Values In Your Website Design

Defining your brand values is crucial to the success of your business. Knowing what your company stands for aligns and strengthens your team. Defining your personality (e.g., caring, family-friendly, professional, exclusive, etc.) is also an important part of humanizing you to your customers and clients; it lets them know what to expect when they work […]

Carousel Best Practices

Follow our Carousel Best Practices for the most efficient use of home page space! Carousels (also known as sliders) are widely used on home pages. However, they can have adverse consequences on user experience and affect your website’s performance. To make your home page carousel effective, follow these best practices: Carousel Best Practices and Tips   […]

We Like Big Buttons and We Cannot Lie

We Like Big Buttons and We Cannot Lie

A button is one of the easiest, most effective calls to action on a website. Bold and big buttons, prominently displayed and properly labeled, will help your users know at a glance where to click to get what they need. So how can you ensure that they convert visitors to customers? 6 Top Tips for Creating Successful […]

Making Your Website Speak to Actual Human Brains

Making Your Website Speak to Actual Human Brains

Want to learn how to make your website speak so that real humans can interact with it? Here’s our thoughts and comments. How Does a Website Speak to a Human? We all talk about “user experience” and “user interaction” design, and here at AndiSites we’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make a […]

Website Sidebar: Yes or No?

Website Sidebar

Sites with a sidebar have been a mainstay of website designs for years. They provide a handy content area for navigation, summaries, calls to action, social media feeds, and all those little extras that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. They can also slow your site down, distract your users, and display strangely on mobile devices. […]

Match your Website Design to your Target Audience

Match your website design to your target audience

When designing a website, it’s vital to create a design that matches your target audience.  Whether designing a website yourself or through an agency, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of trying to please ourselves (or our boss), and forget that a successful website needs human visitors who use it, enjoy it, and buy from […]

Elements of Successful UX Design

Elements of Successful UX Design

Here are our top tips for successful UX design. A website with good UX – User Experience – is vital for anyone visiting your site. What is UX Design? In simple terms, user experience is the satisfaction visitors get from your website. But beyond the surface, user experience is far more significant and can affect […]

Creating a Landing Page Website that Converts

Creating a Landing Page Website that Converts

Here’s how to create a landing page website that actually converts! Read our top tips for converting visitors into customers. What is a Landing Page Website? A “landing page” website (like the one we just launched for the Scaling Up Workshop) has a specific purpose in mind: to convert visitors to customers (or attendees, or subscribers, […]

Tips For Effective Navigation Design

Tips For Effective Navigation Design

Here’s our top tips for effective navigation design and why it is so important to both you and your website’s users. What is Navigation? Well, you could say that it’s the element of your website which allows your customers to find what they’re looking for, or you could say that it’s a way to lead […]

Why We Use Style Tiles

Why We Use Style Tiles

Style Tiles aren’t a new thing in the web design world, but they’re not a standard tool used in most firms. Style Tiles were created by Samantha Warren, a designer from the beautiful city of San Francisco. She decided that mood boards were too basic, and full compositions were too much. They’re similar to how […]