Why We Use Style Tiles

Why We Use Style Tiles

Style Tiles aren’t a new thing in the web design world, but they’re not a standard tool used in most firms. Style Tiles were created by Samantha Warren, a designer from the beautiful city of San Francisco. She decided that mood boards were too basic, and full compositions were too much. They’re similar to how […]

The Basics of Good Information Architecture

The Basics of Good Information Architecture - Roadmap

What is Information Architecture (IA)? Information architecture is the roadmap of your website–the structure that makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. It includes: How content is organized and presented on the page How content is labeled and expressed in navigation (menus and dropdowns) How you lead users through the site via […]

How to Update WordPress (Without Breaking Stuff)

How to Update WordPress Without Breaking Stuff

Do you need to know how to update WordPress without everything breaking? If you’re ever hesitant, read our top tips on updating safely. How to Update WordPress WordPress releases new versions regularly (around once a month or so) to increase security, add features, and respond to the ever-changing ways of the Internet. Plugin and theme authors […]

Responsive Design vs Mobile Apps

Responsive Design vs Mobile Apps

Is a responsive design better than a mobile app? In most cases, we say yes! Here’s why we think it is the way to go. App fever is easy to catch. We hear clients all the time asking if they should have a mobile app, or even or a “mobile version” of their website.  At […]

Evaluating Website Redesign: Questions to Ask

Evaluating your Website Redesign: Questions to Ask

When it comes to evaluating website redesign, here are the top five questions that we think you should be asking.   We do a lot of redesigns around here, and if you know us at all, you know that we look to research, business goals, and user needs as we develop your new website design.   Inspired […]

How to Customize a Child Theme

How to Customize a Child Theme

Do you want to learn how to customize a child theme on your WordPress website? If so, keep reading – it’s time for a quick post about WordPress theme development with our latest How-To tutorial! Customize a Child Theme Tutorial You can ramp up the speed and effectiveness of your customizations for third-party themes by […]

Improve Your Site Navigation

Improve Your Site Navigation and Anchor Links

Are you looking to improve your site navigation? Here’s why it’s so important and our top five tips for how to make it better. If users can’t find your website content easily, they’ll get frustrated or leave. So keep it simple, go with what people expect (rather than trying to be clever), and think from […]