Choosing WordPress Plugins: Like Being a Kid in a Candy Store

Choosing WordPress Plugins: Kid in a Candy Store

Do you have difficulty choosing WordPress plugins? If you find the whole experience overwhelming – like being a kid in a candy store – read on.

What are Plugins?

Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress and are a great way to add sophisticated features to your website. And all without the need for custom coding.

However, with more than 55,000 plugins available in the WordPress repository and a plethora available independently, how do you choose?

Choosing WordPress Plugins: Video

In this presentation at WordCamp in Raleigh, NC, AndiSites founder and president Andrea Ferguson teaches what to look for when choosing plugins. These tips will help to ensure that your site does what it should do, functions superbly, and remains secure – now and in the future. 

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Key points from the presentation

  • Plugins are a way to enhance a WordPress site, including front end features, back end boosters, social and sharing, and power packs

  • Key points to consider when choosing a plugin include:
    – Compatibility: Make sure it is compatible with your version of WordPress (the plugins page will show this)
    – Updates: Ensure that there have been recent updates and the plugin hasn’t been abandoned
    – Support: Check to see if the author of the plugin is offering help and support
    – Installs: A large number of active installs is a very good sign
    – Authorship: Is the author legitimate?
Choosing WordPress Plugins - version update screenshot
Sample of Plugin Version Update Data from the WordPress Directory

NEW!: Check out our guide on how to update WordPress plugins!

Slides from the Choosing WordPress Plugins Presentation:


Do you want to read more advice from us about choosing plugins? Check out all our WordPress plugin information and tips on our blog!

Or if you need direct help and have a specific issue with plugins and/or your WordPress website, contact AndiSites today!

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