Associate Creator / Accessibility Lead


Claudia Rayno

Claudia has been with AndiSites since January 2018. Her background as an entrepreneur and business owner brings fresh insight into what users want to see in a website. With her attention to detail and dedication she is a valuable resource for website testing and user experience. Claudia has a particular interest in website accessibility, enhanced by her interest in Deaf Studies.

Claudia has assisted with content migration and cleanup, site architecture, web accessibility improvements, and plugin installation/configuration for the NC Department of Justice, South Sound 911, Pitt Community College, Davidson Community College, South Piedmont Community College, and the Moore County Arts Council. She continues to train as a WordPress designer/developer, with a focus on accessibility.

Claudia is currently completing an Associate of Arts Degree at Durham Technical College and will soon continue her studies there towards a degree in Deaf Studies. She participates regularly in continuing education and trainings in web development, usability, and web accessibility.

In addition to content and site architecture work, Claudia will be primarily responsible for ensuring that your website is compliant with ADA accessibility requirements and meets or exceeds quality standards (fixing broken links, misspellings, etc.).