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Clean Content Promotes Professionalism

What is meant by “clean content”? And how do you achieve it?

Attention to detail is always important when AndiSites builds or redesigns a website. At first glance, a website can be eye-catching, user-friendly, and professional, but the minute I catch a typo or grammatical error, I lose a little faith in the expertise of the company.

Perhaps this is unfair of me, but I wonder how a company will handle my business if they don’t have time to proofread for errors on the vehicle that presents their vision to the world. Attention to detail bears as much weight with me as a stimulating design or fancy bells and whistles.

How to Create Clean Content

It takes time to create a great design, but the process should ensure that:

  • Content is presented in an attractive way
  • Important information is placed in the most highly-visible locations
  • There are no errors, broken links, or inconsistent formatting
  • There are no spelling or grammatical mistakes (easy to miss, but they speak volumes about your attention to detail)
  • There are no 404 errors when clicking external or internal links (dead outside pages, “content not found” errors)
  • Content is not outdated or incorrect

If you’ve added content to your site since launch (and you should be adding and updating content regularly), we highly recommend that you:

  • Scroll through your site pages, making sure they’re all up-to-date
  • Check for errors and links that no longer work (the Broken Link Checker plugin is a great tool for this but can slow down your site if it’s left active all the time).

Details matter. Don’t let content and proofreading mistakes undercut your website’s message.

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