Project Director


Corinne Cain

Corinne drives the design and development tasks for AndiSites, especially WordPress content transfer, page setup, and revisions. Corinne makes sure that things get done, and done well.

Before working with AndiSites, Corinne was a Senior Research Associate at RTS where she functioned as a key member of this non-profit company’s core program to craft and implement strategies to strengthen and link the roles of community and technical colleges across the US and overseas in workforce and economic development, as well as assessing regional creative economies in rural areas. Through this work, she used her skills as a visual artist to devise strategies that use art as a tool for economic and community development. That experience translates directly to her ability to make websites that speak to and motivate community audiences.

Corinne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology with a Sustainable Development concentration from Appalachian State University. She has successfully completed trainings in website best practices, WordPress design and development, user experience, and content organization.

Corinne is AndiSites’ website architecture lead—auditing, organizing, and archiving complicated website content. She will assist with the internal assignment of tasks and oversee content transfer, proofing, functionality setup, and testing. She is also the primary coordinator for WordPress plugin selection, configuration, and customization.