Website hosting is a specialty act—it requires full-time devotion and world-class expertise to ensure that your website runs smoothly and is consistently available for the world to see.

AndiSites partners with hosting company SiteGround to ensure superior service for our clients. Since we hosted websites on our own servers for years, we're comfortable with the requirements and intricacies of site launch and hosting.

We highly recommend SiteGround because it provides:

  • Extensive experience with WordPress websites
  • Superior server performance
  • A proactive approach to security:  monitoring your site regularly for infiltration attempts and hardening servers immediately to respond to threats
  • Unbeatable customer service (24/7/365 support via chat, phone, and ticket)
  • Nightly backups (with up to 30 days saved)
  • Included SSL certificates and installation
  • Hack alert monitoring
  • Recovery assistance
  • Uptime greater than 99%
  • Various plans customized for your bandwidth and storage needs (VPS and cloud-based solutions are available to meet your desire for unlimited capacity)
  • Unlimited email addresses

AndiSites’ clients are not required to host their websites at SiteGround; however, it is our experience after working with many different web hosts that SiteGround is by far the best, most secure, and most supportive.


Want to sign up for a SiteGround plan and make your web world better? Click the SiteGround links in the footer below to be known as an AndiSites customer.