Web Graphic Designer

Eric’s first experience in graphic design came when he was in the US Air Force in the late 1980’s, stationed in Germany, designing promotional posters with pencil and markers for a play his fellow airmen produced. Years later while visiting Miami-Dade College, he realized his passion for commercial art could be a real profession, so he enrolled and earned his Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design Technology.

In the following years, Eric created professional print assets from business cards to billboards, from logos to multipage publications for AT&T, the Denver Post & Daily Camera, and the Dostyk American International School. He learned how to operate high-speed digital printers for IHS, and while doing so grew his understanding of web technologies. Eric started designing and developing WordPress websites for various organizations, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Eric has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Colorado State University and is currently working on his Masters Certificate in Web Design.

He enjoys travel, fishing, pickup basketball, movies, Ancient Egyptian and Moorish history, cycling, and jazz–both listening to, and playing on his saxophones. He’s collected more than 800 comic books, and he’d love to talk sci-fi with you anytime.