Featuring your Unique Value Proposition on your Site

What’s your Unique Value Proposition? And are you featuring it on your website? Here’s a look at how to develop one and use it successfully.

What's It All About?

In reading a post called “How to sell just about anything,” we couldn’t help thinking about the number of clients who come to us because they’ve tried and tried to initiate a web project, but just don’t know where to start.

So start here:  Why do you want a website?  Most likely, to sell your products or services.  OK, so what makes your products or services worth buying?  What makes you different?  In marketing terms (and remember, everything is marketing), what’s your Unique Value Proposition?

YOUR Unique Value Proposition

The most spectacular and beautiful website on earth won’t do you any good if it doesn’t feature a unique value proposition.  Remember, you’re there to solve a problem for someone, to provide benefits that will make their lives easier/better. 

In addition, if you don’t have a clear and unique value proposition, it will be difficult to stand out from your competition.  And if you don’t feature it on your website–likely your main and most far-reaching marketing tool–you’ve missed a major opportunity.

First and foremost, an effective website must answer this question:  “Why should I do business with you?”

You can say this simply, in human terms.  Forget the buzzwords, and talk to your potential clients as if you were sitting in the room with them. 

This means kill the buzzwords, and focus on the people involved.

How to Develop Your Unique Value Proposition

Unique value propositions can be developed a lot of different ways:

  • Researching your prospects to learn more about who they are; how they live and think; and what they want, need, and value.
  • Identifying your ideal customers and asking them questions (directly, through social media, etc.):  Why do you use the service providers that you use?  What appeals to you personally?  What’s most important to you when looking for a service provider?
  • Talking to the business owners; however, be sure to focus the conversation away from the auto-pilot feature listing and towards the more human aspects:  What does this mean to your customer?  Why does what you do matter to people?
How to Develop Your Unique Value Proposition

The article inspiring this post suggests frequent use of the question, “So what?”  While defining your unique value proposition, start with the obvious answers (e.g., “We provide such-and-such a service.”) and follow it with “So what?” (e.g., “People need that service so that they can get their work done faster, sleep at night, have peace of mind, make more money, etc.”). 

It may take a few “so what”s to get you there, but it’s a fun exercise that can lead you to your unique value proposition.  Once you have that, you’ll know what to feature first and foremost on your website.  Make it obvious to your potential clients as soon as they visit your website, and not only will they stick around to explore, they’ll know right away why you’re better.

And of course, as the AndiSites mantra goes, keep it simple.  Distill it if you can.  Here are some good ones from famous brands to inspire you:

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What sets you apart?

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