Happy 15th Anniversary, AndiSites! :-)

Dear Friends and Clients, and Friends-and-Clients-To-Be,

Here’s a message from me, Andi, as we celebrate our 15th anniversary:

I fell in love with coding in the late 1970’s with the TRS-80 and Level I BASIC. Radio Shack was my hangout spot, and over the following years I made magical-to-me programs, like the one that rained “snow” down the screen and another that converted tree diameters to board feet. I was smitten.

In later entertainment and corporate communications work, I designed and built simple websites from scratch–a compelling mix of left- and right-brain thinking that could reach the world round-the-clock. And that world was changing quickly. Where once GeoCities ruled–awesome as the websites were–new coding programs like Dreamweaver became publicly available. The dot-com boom brought affordable, accessible web hosting. Internet speeds continued to climb, and demand for internet data was skyrocketing. The Great Recession was also in full swing, and bricks-and-mortar shops were falling by the wayside. Print media was going digital, and the increasingly popular online world provided infinite possibilities for communicating and selling online 24/7/365. 

I started “AndiSites” (just a paste-in name at the time) in 2008 to respond to a growing need for websites, but also as an intentionally friendly option for businesses who didn’t know where to start. I wanted to create an agency that was positive, transparent, and accessible. I wanted customers to succeed because of what they knew and could apply to their own websites. I wanted them to feel heard and smart, and to enjoy the process of getting a new or redesigned website with a partner they could trust.

15 years later, AndiSites Inc. (the name stuck, at the encouragement of clients) is now an award-winning web design and development agency with hundreds of websites in our portfolio, long-time employees, dozens of shiny trophies on our shelves, and–our favorite part–a national and international client list that includes many of the businesses and organizations we started out with 15 years ago.

Although the tools have changed from hand-coded HTML websites to enterprise-level WordPress, our dedication to making the web world a better place remains firm. We are committed to empowering our clients to control and administer their own websites and providing all the services they need to succeed online–with our help whenever they need it. WordPress website design and development is our mainstay, but we also love providing services in SEO, accessibility, analytics, and consulting that help our clients’ websites be found, be easily used, and exceed our clients’ business goals.

We’ve had plenty of opportunities to take on investors, get fancy offices, and add headcount, but we’ve stayed small intentionally so that our carefully-chosen team of experts can work together closely and focus on our clients’ needs. Perks like 30-hour-workweeks and remote working (way before they were cool) keep our employees respected, happy, and nurtured. We love what we do.

And while longtime and return customers have given us stability, we’re excited to regularly start work with new clients across a variety of industries–most of them through referrals and positive recommendations. 

We are grateful that we’ve made it to our 15th anniversary, and we couldn’t have done it without you. If you’ve worked with us, we thank you for your business and partnership. If you haven’t yet, we’re here for you anytime and would love to show you what makes AndiSites special.

“We listen. We’re different. You’ll see.” isn’t just a tagline–it’s one of our guiding principles.

Onward and upward,
Andi 🙂

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