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How to Clear Your Browser and Computer DNS Cache

Here’s our guide showing you how to clear your browser and your computer DNS cache – and why you might need to do it.

Have you launched your new website but are still seeing the old one?  Perhaps made changes on the back end of your site that don’t seem to be reflected when you view the site on a browser? Or maybe you’ve changed hosts and are now seeing scary “Page Not Found” errors?

Before you worry, try clearing your browser and DNS cache: some like to hold on to the past.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache

Different browsers and versions have different methods, but here’s a good resource that stays pretty much up-to-date:

How to Clear Your Computer’s DNS Cache

If your new site resides on a new server (e.g., you’ve changed hosts, or moved from a shared server to a VPS), you’ll need to clear your computer’s DNS cache as well. The folks at cPanel have easy-to-follow instructions:

Still not seeing the new site?  It could be that the DNS hasn’t fully propagated yet (it can take up to 72 hours).  To check the progress of your propagation, enter your domain name at

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