How to Write Successful Copy

How to Write Successful Copy

Want to write successful copy for your website? Here are our top tips and why it is so important to get it right.

What is Successful Copy?

“Web design is 95% typography” according to Marc Schenker of Web Designer Depot. Blogs, homepage copy, social media, and even the content underneath videos is all written matter.

This means that people who visit your websites are likely going to read your content, so your written content should be user-friendly and geared toward the twenty-first century reader

4 Tips for How to Write Successful Copy

Here’s our top tips:

1. Beware of Paragraph Size

People don’t actually read on the internet. In fact, people skim more today than ever before, so grouping your content into smaller paragraphs supports this behavior. It’s best to be concise and to the point while keeping your sentence limit at three or four per paragraph. Devoting one idea per paragraph makes it easier to write shorter paragraphs.

Our article, Tips for An SEO Friendly Blog uses this concept well.

2. Use Subheadings

Articles can seem overwhelming if they’re presented as one large block of text. When you want to write successful copy, subheadings can help with this. Furthermore, they act as guides for your reader, giving them a preview of the text as they skim and scan.

Subheadings are like mini-headlines, and they allow readers to discern whether the article is worth their time pretty quickly. 

In addition, if your subheadings include your keyphrase, this can help with SEO!

Ode to The Sidebar

3. Lists Are Your Friend

Bulleted lists are ideal for condensing and summarizing a section’s most important ideas, making the content easier to read. They enable readers to pick out the most important ideas early on.

Numbered lists are the “logical companions” of bulleted lists. They highlight the importance or a sequence of a group of points. They’re good when you want to enumerate things for a set of directions or steps. 

4. Be Bold

Bold words in your writing signal which words and phrases your readers should pay most attention to. When readers come across bolded words, it immediately tells them that the section is important. 

Of course, the use of bold words and phrases is a design tactic that can be overused. When you want to write successful copy, bold words should be used sparingly, preserved for the most vital information, because overuse defeats the purpose and is rather meaningless.


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