IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE: Update Yoast SEO and WooCommerce Plugins Right Away

Andrea Ferguson

President at AndiSites Inc.
Andi is founder and President of AndiSites Inc. She writes about website design and development, best practices, and random stuff her busy brain thinks would be useful.
Andrea Ferguson

This week security vulnerabilities and patches were announced for two extremely popular (and awesome) plugins, the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and WooCommerce.  

If your WordPress site includes either of these plugins, please update them right away to implement the patches.

As with all software, vulnerabilities arise from time to time as the bad guys work to make our lives worse. With WordPress and its community of known-safe plugin developers (with “known-safe” being the important bit here…please don’t install plugins unless you know that they’re well-supported and safe), vulnerabilities are typically caught quickly, and patches are put out immediately. More reasons to love WordPress.

If you need help updating your plugins, please contact us–we can help you out for a small one-time fee.

If you’re an AndiSites Support Plan client, you can go on with your day–we’re already taking care of this for you as part of our service.

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