Monday Meditation for Workweek Wellness #1

Corinne Cain

Creation Director at AndiSites Inc.
Corinne is Creation Director at AndiSites. She writes about website administration, project organization, health, and happiness.
Corinne Cain

A great website is only one part of creating a successful, thriving business. At AndiSites we like to set aside time for health and well-being, clearly define goals, work on strengths and weaknesses, and put focus and energy into creating the life we intend to lead. This helps us be the company that will serve our clients best. Join us each Monday for a new meditation and weekly activity to help guide us together through our workweek.


Take Inventory in the New Year

Understanding our patterns is an important part of changing outcomes. Decisions are made in one of two ways, out of love or fear, and outcomes can differ greatly depending on which emotion is projected when making life choices.

This week, take inventory on past goals and outcomes, looking at the choices made to achieve those goals. Were they made from love (with confidence, ease, and excitement for what is to come) or out of fear (second-guessing, feeling anxiety or making excuses)? This will be a valuable tool when setting goals for the new year.

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