Monday Meditation for Workweek Wellness #6

Corinne Cain

Creation Director at AndiSites Inc.
Corinne is Creation Director at AndiSites. She writes about website administration, project organization, health, and happiness.
Corinne Cain

A great website is only one part of creating a successful, thriving business. At AndiSites we like to set aside time for health and well-being, clearly define goals, work on strengths and weaknesses, and put focus and energy into creating the life we intend to lead. This helps us be the company that will serve our clients best. Join us each Monday for a new meditation and weekly activity to help guide us together through our workweek.


Surrender the Control! (come on, it’s just for a week)

Just when all seems to be under control, like life may be giving you a break even if just for a minute, the roof caves in or the floor falls from under your feet. Who knows what great things are to follow from those catastrophes (besides a new roof and floor) but the one thing hard to ignore is that control is illusory. So…take a break this week from passing judgment and trying to control everything and instead, observe.

Make a list of all the times this week that you would normally judge and/or try to alter a situation by asserting your control but decide instead to observe and allow to happen what will happen. Make note of what it feels like to surrender that control. Also note ways in which observance over control may have changed outcomes this week. How can this behavior help achieve goals set for the new year?


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