Monday Meditations for Workweek Wellness #9

Corinne Cain

Creation Director at AndiSites Inc.
Corinne is Creation Director at AndiSites. She writes about website administration, project organization, health, and happiness.
Corinne Cain

A great website is only one part of creating a successful, thriving business. At AndiSites we like to set aside time for health and well-being, clearly define goals, work on strengths and weaknesses, and put focus and energy into creating the life we intend to lead. This helps us be the company that will serve our clients best. Join us each Monday for a new meditation and weekly activity to help guide us together through our workweek.


The More You Give, The More You Receive

Treating others kindly not only spreads joy to those around you, it also reminds you how to treat yourself. This week, look back on the gratitude list we created in Week 3 and pay it forward.

Make a list of ways in which you can help others this week, including something as simple as a compliment or smile. When you’ve accomplished each task, check it off and maybe even reward yourself for a job well done (see list from last week)!

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