We take our projects personally. We limit the number of projects we work on at one time so we can provide full team involvement. All work is performed in-house unless there are unusual project requirements that we can’t fulfill expertly ourselves–then we turn to trusted partners.

Andrea Ferguson
Andrea “Andi” Ferguson

Owner & President
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Paul Ferguson
Paul Ferguson

Vice President
Storyteller & Writer/Editor
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Michael Newsome
Michael Newsome

Director of Web Development
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Claudia Rayno
Claudia Rayno

Director of UX & Accessibility
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Michelle Michaud
Michelle “Mich” Michaud

Project Manager
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Mark Eyberg
Mark Eyberg

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Eric Wade
Eric Wade

Web Graphic Designer
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In addition to our in-house talent, our extended team includes: 
print designers…videographers…marketing experts…web accessibility experts…
original content writers…and server experts (including WordPress-on-Windows).
Need something in particular? Ask us.