The American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA) is a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization of interested health care professionals and individuals who research and treat oral cleft and craniofacial conditions. ACPA is unique:  a multidisciplinary organization of over 2,500 members representing over 30 disciplines in 60 countries. ACPA supports patients and families to ensure the best outcomes.

ACPA’s website was difficult to update and didn’t properly represent their main goal:  the improvement of craniofacial health for children. There was not enough focus on their successes and their reasons for being; rather, the site contained long blocks of hard-to-read text, and information was not well organized for findability. They also needed to feature “ad”-like content on the site and track user engagement (number of clicks, etc.).

AndiSites created a new look-and-feel for the ACPA website that focused on the people they help and the lives they improve every day.

Mobile-responsive WordPress development using a premium theme framework respected their budget and provides cutting-edge content management functionality. Known-safe, updateable plugins for form creation and ad management entice users to interact with the site and give administrators the data they need to measure success.

ACPA is thrilled with their new website. Site visitors and administrators continue to take advantage of its many new features. Users interact easily with onsite features such as information and news. Users can also access member-only content and make donations easily.

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