Tryton Medical

Tryton Medical is a leading developer of novel stent systems for the treatment of bifurcation lesions in the heart. The Tryton Side Branch Stent involves a patented Tri-Zone technology designed to uniquely treat bifurcation anatomies and provide complete lesion coverage. The stent has been studied in a landmark, multinational pivotal trial involving over 700 patients from up to 75 centers in North America, Europe and Israel. The Company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, with international offices in The Netherlands.

AndiSites provided WordPress multisite (WPMU) design and development, including a searchable case library. Doctors use the case library to locate information on actual patient cases that will help them use Tryton’s product and save lives. Over time, AndiSites developed several microsites for Tryton Medical, including separate sites for United States users, international users, and those seeking educational materials.

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