Still using IE because it came with your computer? That’s fine, but consider the alternatives…here’s why.

We’re not here to bash Internet Explorer. In fact, their new release, IE11 has made monumental improvements opens in a new windowsince the days of IE6 when programmers and developers had to create two sets of code, because Internet Explorer pushed special IE/Microsoft code that wouldn’t work on other browsers. But we do want the best for our clients and the truth is, there are other browsers that may serve you better.

So what exactly is a browser? Google made an opens in a new windowinteresting video a few years ago in the middle of  Times Square where they asked random people what a browser was and not many people were able to answer correctly. Most people know that the default icons, “E” (for PC users) or “Safari” (for Mac users), take them to the internet and that’s that. Your web browser is the application that allows you to access and retrieve information on the web and is completely different from a Search Engine, like Google.

Here’s where the world opens up. There are many different browsers available but Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari are the most popular. The average users are content with their default browser, but why stick with default when you can have an upgrade? Here’s our 4 main reasons we recommend using something like Google Chrome or Firefox (our preferred browsers):

Security Issues

For a long time, Internet Explorer has been plagued with vulnerabilities attacked by malicious spyware and viruses. A quick Google search will pull up numerous results. They do make an effort to fix them with patches that require a software update but it seems to take them a while before they’re rolled out. IE11 was released on October 17th and it’s already had a   opens in a new windowpatch released addressing security issues.

Flash vs HTML5

Flash used to own the market when it came to interactive video type elements on the web but with the rise of Apple products on which Flash doesn’t work, it has quickly died off. Developers are now using HTML5 to create those fun interactive pieces everyone loves. IE11 works quite well with HTML5 but still opens in a new windowfalls short compared to other browsers.  Before IE8, HTML5 support was almost non-existent on the browser.

Multi-Platform Use

Although Chrome does it best by far, Chrome, Firefox and Opera allow for cross-platform use as well as use by more than one user. Internet Explorer does not. With the other browsers you can sync all of your bookmarks, tabs, passwords and settings by logging in. Take Chrome for example, I have the same bookmarks and settings on 3 different computers as well as my iPhone and tablet. You can even have different bookmarks and settings depending on the user you are logged in as.


Internet Explorer 11 has come a long way. They’ve boosted speed, updated their user interface and added functionality but unfortunately, it’s not available for Windows Operating Systems earlier than Windows 7. So if you have XP or Vista, you’re out of luck.

Internet Explorer knows about their reputation and they’re working on it. The ad below addresses some of their issues and shows that they’re working on improving. If you’re an IE fan, it can’t hurt to try out IE11 but we’d still recommend giving Chrome or Firefox a shot as well.