The Battle Against the Hacks…

The Battle Against the Hacks...

Are you tired of the battle against the hacks? Here’s our thoughts on the latest situation with WordPress websites. If you are at all related to the web world, you will inevitably come in contact with WordPress. It’s the beautifully-designed, easy to use content management system that is our favorite here at AndiSites. According to […]

Why You Should Update WordPress

Why You Should Update WordPress

Why should you update WordPress? Aside from putting in new content, there are some very important reasons you should keep your WordPress core software and plugins up-to-date. Rachel McCollin discusses these issues in her article “Why You Should Have The Latest Version of WordPress.” Here is why you should update and how to stay updated: Why Update […]

Could You Have Too Many Plugins?

Could You Have Too Many Plugins?

Do you think you have too many plugins? Here’s what we think about this common issue. The 8 Second Rule states that a user is likely to abandon your website if it takes 8 seconds or longer to load. Current research suggests that the time users are willing to wait for your website to load is […]

The Best Forms Plugins for Your WordPress Website & How to Use Them

The Best Forms Plugins for Your WordPress Website

What are the best forms plugins? Keep reading to find my analysis on the current available options and how best to use them. Below is the presentation I did last week at the Digital Marketing for Business 2015 conference in Raleigh, NC.  It’s a fantastic conference, and this year they had an all-WordPress track for […]

How to Stop WordPress Spam

How to Stop WordPress Spam

Do you get too much WordPress spam in your inbox? Here’s how to stop it. Comment spam and registration spam are incredibly frustrating. They stuff your inbox with notification emails, and the bogus comments can damage your online reputation. Thankfully, spam can be thwarted in just two steps: Properly configure your WordPress Discussion settings. Install […]

DIY Website Builder vs. Hiring a WordPress Pro — Which is Best for You?

DIY Website Builder vs. Hiring a WordPress Pro

Are you considering a DIY website builder? Or hiring a WordPress agency? Here’s how you know which is right for you. Ads for do-it-yourself website builders like Wix and Squarespace are everywhere, from sidebars to Super Bowl XLIX. Are the promises of having your own website, made by you, and launched in minutes too good […]

How to Update WordPress (Without Breaking Stuff)

How to Update WordPress Without Breaking Stuff

Do you need to know how to update WordPress without everything breaking? If you’re ever hesitant, read our top tips on updating safely. WordPress releases new versions regularly (around once a month or so) to increase security, add features, and respond to the ever-changing ways of the Internet. Plugin and theme authors (the good ones, anyway) […]