How Taking a Break Can Make the Web a Better Place

Andrea Ferguson

President at AndiSites Inc.
Andi is founder and President of AndiSites Inc. She writes about website design and development, best practices, and random stuff her busy brain thinks would be useful.
Andrea Ferguson

We haven’t written in a while. We’ve been busy bees creating and launching websites for happy clients; speaking at conferences; and, as always, keeping up with the latest trends in website design, development, and best practices. But we miss sending you regular thoughts that make your web world better. So here’s one:

Taking a break to see things in a new light makes everything better.


Fast Company has shared that taking breaks at work helps us focus, make breakthroughs, and accomplish the right goals in the right ways. WebMD notes that people who take vacations are not only healthier, “the biggest boost in happiness comes from planning the vacation. You can feel the effects up to 8 weeks before your trip. And when you’re done with that retreat, start planning the next one. Simply having something to look forward to can be rewarding.” Even Google wants us to get off the web from time to time, providing a Chrome extension that reminds you to look away–or walk away–from your screen.


Andi watching the sun rise (pic by Paul)

So how can taking a break make the web a better place? Let’s face it: we are all a little obsessive about the web. Whether it’s not letting a day go by without using social media, or staring at your website obsessing over what color button will get more clicks (good luck with that), it’s easy to go too far. Our advice–which we try to follow–is get away from time to time.

Open your eyes to new ways of communicating. Spend time with your friends and family in new places. Read more than you write. Never stop learning away from the web.

You’ll find that when you return to the web, it may look different to you:  fresher, more interesting, with greater possibilities. You may see that people click a button for many reasons other than color, leading you to edit your home page so that button has more focus.

We work hard at AndiSites, and we support taking breaks and time away. We believe that makes us the best we can be for our clients, our families, and each other. We also believe it results in better websites and happier experiences for those with whom we work.

Paul and I just got back from a week in Maine where we watched the sun rise, hiked to the top of a mountain, and read for business and pleasure. The result? Lots of ideas and discoveries that I’m excited to share with you, to make your web world a better place.

Thanks for reading. Now, walk away for a few minutes and see what you discover. We’ll be here for you when you get back.

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