Web Rescue

AndiSites' Web Rescue service will get your worrisome website (or project) back on track. 

The best laid plans are made.

But sometimes:


Never fear. AndiSites is here!

Whether you're looking for a new agency to collaborate with on a stalled project, or you just need a one-off fix, AndiSites would love to help.

“Repair work” is actually how AndiSites started in 2008, providing technical help for existing website owners. From recoding and redesign to strategy consulting, we breathed new life into many a project–and in the process formed partnerships with clients that continue today. 


Quick to respond, amazingly kind and helpful. AndiSites not only got our website functional again, they made it better than ever for our constituents and customers.

Troubleshooting & Diagnosis

You tell us where the problems are, and we’ll figure out why they’re happening. If you’re in the middle of a stalled project, we’ll work with you to see where things are now. Then we can help pick up and move forward.  

Repair & Rescue

If your current site is broken, we’ll get it working for you asap. If you need to get a website project finished, we’ll provide the reliability and expertise you need for a successful conclusion.

Post-Rescue Care

Repairs aren’t valid unless they hold. We’ll make sure your site is stable so future problems are avoided. We’ll train you so you’re comfortable with caring for your site yourself. If you’d like, we’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your web world worry-free.

It’s okay. We’ve got you!