Website Design & Development

AndiSites designs and builds mobile-friendly WordPress websites focused on your goals, driven by data, and friendly to users.

We believe successful websites are a perfect blend of simplicity, cutting-edge technology, and artistry

As we work, we constantly adjust our build so none of the three essential elements dominates (unless it should). They work together to create your unique multifaceted "voice." Your site will be a choir singing in harmony that creates a cohesive narrative.

For easy-to-learn updating, we use the secure, simple, and powerful WordPress Content Management System. WordPress is the most popular CMS for corporate, higher education, and government websites that require revision by different---and often changing---site administrators. It's also flexible and scalable, so you can respond to future customer needs without a complete redo.

We approach web design and development projects as your consulting partners to ensure that the solutions proposed and implemented serve you and your audiences best.

When completed with excellence, we believe our work together can make your story and information easier to understand. 

What We Do & Love Doing


Discovery is the process of defining “why” so we can keep our eyes on the prize, make the best decisions, and help people (including your team) most.

During our research and discovery, we help define your goals and what your users need. This makes your site quick to respond, easy to use, and interactively engaging.


Designing combines art; digital media; clear, energetic language; usability; and accessibility to show who you are and make people act and feel.

Helping customers engage and empathize with your organization's mission and values will be a constant part of our work.


Development includes all the geek-level stuff that makes your website functional, easy to work with, secure, stable, efficient, and enjoyable.

Clean coding and best practices ensure that your site works, doesn't crash when updated, and saves people time. It will also help search engines find and index you properly.


Day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and minute-to-minute problem-solving ensures support when you need it. That will make you happier, and lets your site make the web a better place.

We actually believe this---one less nervous breakdown makes for a better day.

Available Extras

Accessibility Scanning & Remediation

Making your website usable for those with disabilities isn't just a growing requirement. It's the human-friendly thing to do. We can scan your website for accessibility issues and help you remediate them.

Content Editing

Too many words? Our story supervisor and writer/editor will help define your unique voice and edit your provided content for web-friendliness and readability.

Analytics Consulting

Google Analytics is powerful but can be overwhelming. We will help you identify which information is important and advise you on how it can inform website improvements.

Database Integration

Your information shouldn't be like a needle in a haystack. Users need to search through, filter on, and learn from your database contents. We can create tables, queries, and other tools so users can find what they need quickly.