Why We Use Style Tiles

Why We Use Style Tiles

Style Tiles aren’t a new thing in the web design world, but they’re not a standard tool used in most firms. Style Tiles were created by Samantha Warren, a designer from the beautiful city of San Francisco. She decided that mood boards were too basic, and full compositions were too much. They’re similar to how you go look at all the paint chip options in Home Depot before you paint a room. Style Tiles give you a “feel” of how a site will look before you start envisioning layout.

Who are Style Tiles for?

Before we started using Style Tiles, we had clients saying they wanted their new site to be “innovative and edgy.” But when we came back with a design draft, they would give feedback that eventually pushed us towards a more middle-of-the-line or conservative design. Since implementing the Style Tile process, we’ve eliminated a lot of that back-and-forth. We are able to understand the design direction a client wants to go in before spending time designing full compositions.

An Emotional Response from your Readers

Websites are meant to be living and breathing. We’re expected to update them often and keep users engaged with them. If that’s the case, they should also give your users an emotional response. We’ve all been to websites that are loaded with good information but make us want to click away at first glance. Your website should show the personality of your company and your brand as a whole. We’ve perfected our Style Tile process to help us accomplish this.

Putting together emotional response, analytics review, and user and employee research helps us build a site that satisfies all aspects of successful website design.

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