WordPress Training & Education Are Vital to Your Website Project

WordPress Training & Education Are Vital to Your Website Project

WordPress training and education are vital to the success of your website project – here’s why we know this!

You have a WordPress website. Congratulations! You’re in good company. WordPress  powers more than 26% of all websites, and more than 59% of all websites that use a CMS, thanks in large part to its flexibility and ease-of-use.

Two questions:

  1. Has your website changed since you launched it? Fresh content is important to search engine ranking and your users.
  2. How much regular training and education do your CMS users get? Our clients tell us it’s vital to their projects’ success.

One of our favorite geek-crushes, Paul Boag, says, “If we want digital transformation to happen, education and training need to be at the heart of everything we do.”

So how do we empower clients to embrace their website, keep content fresh, and enjoy the process? Here goes…

WordPress Training

WordPress Training

Ultimately, nobody will be comfortable with a system without training. Here’s how AndiSites like to help:

  • Depending on how involved the client is in the content process, we provide a focused training session either in-person or via GoToMeeting. Using their actual website administrative dashboard (not just a demo site), we walk folks through each element. We encourage people to ask questions, and allow time for them to take notes.

  • We ask our clients to make sure that the people who will use the CMS are actually in attendance. It’s difficult to learn a new system secondhand.

  • We let trainees know they’re not expected to remember everything we’re showing them. The real learning will be in their doing, and we’ll be there to virtually hold their hand when they’re ready to try things themselves. We stick around for 90 days post-launch for training reminders, then offer support and WordPress maintenance plans that can include training time.

  • We find the best online WordPress training materials to help clients learn more on their own. Thanks to WordPress’ popularity, there are excellent ones out there. WordPress Codex is great for deeper dives.

  • We provide training materials that respect how clients learn:  some people are visual learners and will appreciate screen capture videos; others prefer to read written documentation; and others learn interactively, by doing things themselves with a guide.


Learning is guided doing, but as with all things Internet, things change over time. Ongoing education is important.

  • We offer retraining anytime a new version of WordPress includes major interface or functionality changes. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

  • We share resources (including our blog) to make sure that clients stay informed not just about their CMS, but about how digital technology can make their entire organization better.

  • We encourage the creation of a digital content strategy, including defined workflows and schedules. The more a team works with the CMS, the sooner it will become a comfortable habit.

Providing proper training and education doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be a part of every website project. The amount of WordPress training and education varies with the budget, of course, but even the most basic website project benefits from a focused training session for those using their new system.

Read all our blog posts about the website project process.

Are you looking for training or education for your website and team? Or a WordPress monthly maintenance package? AndiSites can help you! Contact us today.

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