WordPress Training Videos

WordPress how-to videos are available to AndiSites clients.

Super-Fast WordPress Tips from AndiSites

Quick tips to make your WordPress website better–usually free, almost always something you can do yourself in just a few minutes. Andrea (Andi) Ferguson, Founder & President of AndiSites Inc., shows you how to quickly customize your WordPress dashboard; how to enhance your site using known-safe plugins; how to increase your WordPress website’s security; how to use Elementor; how to improve your site’s SEO and accessibility; and more.

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WordPress 101

The Dashboard

Posts vs. Pages

What is Gutenberg?

The Block Editor

Create a New Post

How to Add an Image

Creating Links and Buttons

Embed a PDF File

Embed Video or Audio

Add a Featured Image

Categories and Tags

Publishing Options

Edit Existing Posts

How to Create Pages

Creating Custom Menus

Text Blocks

Media Blocks

Design Blocks

Widget Blocks

Block Patterns

The Media Library

Adding New Users

Edit Your Profile