The South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation

SCUREF’s mission is to enhance the education and research programs in energy, national security, environmental management, and in health-related areas for its member institutions and for universities throughout the United States.

The South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation (SCUREF) was incorporated in 1988 by the four major research institutions in South Carolina: Clemson University, South Carolina State University, the Medical University of South Carolina, and the University of South Carolina.

 The Goal

SCUREF had a WordPress website, but it was outdated and behind the technological times. It was also confusing to visitors, who couldn’t immeditately tell at a glance what SCUREF did or how they could be involved. SCUREF had a brand in place, but they needed a website that embodied it. They had multiple external forms, but they didn’t integrate cleanly with the website. Information on participants was hard to find, not well organized, and not attractively displayed.

 The Solution

AndiSites exported SCUREF’s content into a new WordPress website and totally redesigned the look-and-feel. Using a premium theme framework and custom elements, we provided SCUREF with a new, cutting-edge website that clearly organizes their content and has an easier-to-use administrative dashboard for quick content updates.

AndiSites also created a custom section for participants that allows administrators to enter their information easily in the back-end and display it instantly on the public website in a well-organized, attractive layout. Finally, we organized and integrated their existing third-party-hosted forms so that users’ experience is seamless.

 The Results

SCUREF now has a website that clearly communicates its purpose, is easy to update, and engages visitors. AndiSites continues to work with SCUREF on regular support and maintenance. We watch over the SCUREF website and make sure that its core software and plugins are regularly updated, its database is optimized, and operation is smooth and continuous.

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